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  Holiday Gift Packaging Available

Holiday Gift Packaging Available

Premium quality supplements, premium quality of life

Prefix Nutrition has the highest standards for quality, purity and effectiveness. Quality of sourced ingredients, quality of manufacturing and quality of formulation are all critical to your body absorbing nutrients and benefitting from your supplement regimen.

As nutraceuticals, Prefix products are pharmaceutical-grade with standardized nutrients and product testing.  Over-the-counter products sold in the vast majority of retail locations do not have the same quality standards.

Prefix Nutrition Products are produced is facilities using GMP (good manufacturing practices), adhere to the standards established by Sport Athletic Banned Substances Program registered by NSF International and are TGA Certified.


Prefix Packages

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Fountain of youth

Fountain of Youth nutraceutical package will support your baseline supplementation to maintain or restore health and vitality.


Fit & Lean

Prefix Nutrition’s Fit & Lean nutraceutical package will support fat loss and muscular maintenance and development.


Digestive Health

Prefix Nutrition’s Digestive Health nutraceutical package will bolster your microbiome, helping to boost your immune system, liver and digestive health.


Stress Relief

Prefix Nutrition’s Stress Relief nutraceutical package will help support thyroid, adrenal, brain and intestinal function to minimize the effects of stress on your body.


Detox Baseline

Detox Baseline provides all products required to support all three phases of your body’s natural detoxification process to help remove everyday toxins and pollutants.


Detox plus

Detox Plus includes the products in Detox Baseline as well as the daily wellness regimen of antioxidants, fish oil and vitamin D.