Strong & Lean 2018

Kick off the New Year by getting into action with Meta Modern Health's two-week liver detox and Group Fitness Challenge

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Ready for a Strong + Lean 2018?

Meta's New Year's health and fitness challenge will kickstart your 2018

Commit yourself to six weeks of fitness to start the year out right. Meta Modern Health's group fitness is designed to make you leaner, stronger and fitter.

Meet the Challenge, Win Prizes

If you check into 30 group classes in 45 days (January 15 through February 28), you win:

  • 20% off full price rate of your next package or month of group fitness
  • Your choice of three infrared sauna sessions or three group classes
  • Entry into the Strong & Lean 2018 Winners Raffle where you can win your choice of treatment (Fascial Stretch Therapy, Acupuncture, or Thai Massage)
  • 50% off of a $100 shopping spree for Prefix Nutrition supplements

$250 for Unlimited Classes



$270 for two payments of $135

(one upon registration and one payment on February 5)



  • Free 2-Week Detoxification Program & Seminar ($50 value) and 30% off detoxification supplements
  • 50% off Prefix Nutrition Rebuild (branch chain amino acids), Mg (magnesium) and Purity (protein powder) in first week to magnify results of your training
  • Before and After photos and circumference measurements to track progress (for just $35 add on body fat caliper measurements before and after)


About the Program

The Strong + Lean 2018 Check-in-Challenge is Program Designed to Boost Results

Weeks 1 + 2 - Strength

Kick off the Check-in-Challenge with two weeks designed to build your strength. You will see heavy loaded weights with very slow eccentrics to gain strength and usher in growth hormone for fat loss. By building muscle, you will enhance your fat loss engine.

Weeks 3 + 4 - Fat Loss

The next two weeks of programming focus on fat loss, with slightly faster tempos than Weeks 1 & 2, emphasizing sled work to build lactic acid into the muscle and burn more body fat by inducing growth hormone.

Weeks 5 + 6 - Sculpting

The last two weeks we focus on sculpting with high repetitions in longer duration with slightly quicker tempos than weeks 3 & 4, plus more cardio-driven movements to sculpt and define your muscles.

Class Design

Our strength classes (Train Like Jane, Primal and Stronger) will all focus on specific body parts Monday through Friday. Dynamic 25 and weekend classes are full body workouts.

With your measurements, you will receive a personalized guide to what class bundle each week will optimize your results.


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Strong & Lean 2018 DETOX

Looking to take a holistic approach to your wellness in the new year?  Meta Modern Health's Two-Week Liver Detox is the perfect addition to your fitness regimen. 

Join us for the Detoxification Seminar on January 20 at 11:00 am at Meta Modern Health, 925 N. Larrabee.  You can begin the two week detoxification any time that works best for you.

Read more about Meta Modern Health's Two-Week Liver Detox


The Detox is included for all Strong + Lean 2018 Check-in-Challenge participants.

$50 - includes Detoxification Program & Seminar