Energy Clearing

Through work with intuitives, mediums and energy workers, you can begin to build a deeper connection with yourself. Whether you are at a point of transition in your life, looking to develop deeper understanding or wanting to build your spiritual growth, you will find a great source of support, guidance and peace in working with connected intuitives.


About Sarah

Sarah Keene is a medium, healer, spiritual coach, and teacher of spirituality from Ventura, California. She has been working in the healing field since 2011 providing past life regressions, hypnosis healing, energy healing & clearing, psychic readings, and mediumship readings with loved ones in spirit. She is also a guide to the Casa de Dom Inacio where John of God heals in Abadiania, Brazil.

Sarah travels frequently to Chicago to meet with clients. As a spiritual medium, Sarah is an ambassador to the spirit world. She spends her days receiving messages from high vibrational spirit guides to help people transform their lives. Spirit guides have shared with her many lessons to understand our physical bodies as being part of our own spirit. Book a reading with Sarah using the online scheduling application or call for more information.



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In this one-hour or 90-minute reading with Sarah Keene, connect with your divine guides to receive enlightening and encouraging messages. Whether you are simply curious about your guides or facing major life decisions, your guides' loving perspectives can open your eyes, boost your confidence, and settle your heart. In this free flow session, you can ask your own questions.

Sarah's gifts also present an opportunity for mediumship and channeling, so be sure to ask her for the type of guidance, clarity or understanding you are seeking.


Healing + Energy Clearing

In this 90-minute or two-hour session with Sarah Keene, clear out unneeded energy that is burdening you. Powerful or traumatic events can leave you with cords or energetic scars, often leading to blocks or repetitive patterns.

Sometimes these energies are not even from your current life. They can be transferred from your parents or ancestors through epigentic shifts in genetic code, or they can come with your soul from prior lifetimes. When we incarnate, we often bring some of our old physical and emotional wounds.

In a fully relaxed, awakened state, you and Sarah Keene will discuss challenges you may be experiencing. You will work together to release this unneeded energetic baggage. This is a valuable service at all points in life, but may prove to be particularly beneficial between large transitions in your life, such as changing jobs or ending a relationship.

These treatments often leave clients feeling more free, open and unburdened than they ever recall being before.