Toxic Planet, Toxic Body

We live in a world filled with toxins. We ingest them from our food and water sources; we breathe them in our air; we absorb them through our skin, intentionally or not, through make-up, lotion and cleaning products.

Our magnificent bodies are designed to get rid of toxins, but this natural process can fall short on two counts: we are exposed to a high volume toxins and we are not providing our bodies with the raw materials needed to expel them.

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A Path Forward

Meta Modern Health’s Two-Week Liver Detox program is designed to optimize your body’s natural detoxification process, supporting all three phases of liver detoxification, expediting fat loss, and improving your ability to repair mentally.

Our combination of herbal formulas, amino acids, super foods and nutritional recommendations form a powerful detoxification program. And by incorporating fitness, acupuncture and infrared sauna, we enhance all three phases of detoxification.

Customize Your Detox For You

Don't let "perfect" be the enemy of "good." The most important part of supporting your health and detoxification is to take steps in the right direction. That's why Meta's detox is adaptable to your life.

Choose the detox path that works for you. At the most basic level, you can elect to make simple changes in your diet, introducing nutrient-rich foods while eliminating inflammatory foods. Or decide to go all out with detoxification support with supplementation, infrared sauna and fitness.

You also choose when to begin.  You will receive the two-week program - it's up to you to find the right time.


Upcoming Detoxification Programs

January 20, 2018

11:00 am Kick Off Lecture

Meta Modern Health - 925 N. Larrabee Street


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$50 for Detox Program + Seminar



The detox is complimentary for Strong + Lean 2018 Challenge Participants