2-Week Pre-Thanksgiving Detox
to Nov 20

2-Week Pre-Thanksgiving Detox

Our magnificent bodies are designed to get rid of toxins, but this natural process can fall short on two counts: we are exposed to a high volume toxins and we are not providing our bodies with the raw materials needed to expel them.

Meta Modern Health's Detoxification Program:

  • Supports all three phases of liver detoxification
  • Expedites fat loss
  • Improves your ability to repair mentally and physically
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October Check-In Challenge
to Oct 31

October Check-In Challenge

How It Works

  • Check into 20 group fitness classes in 31 days
  • See your body transform
  • Hit the goal, win prizes

Everyone Who Hits The Goal Wins

  • A 3-pack of infrared sauna sessions
  • 25% off next month or package
  • Automatic Entry into Check-in Challenge Raffle
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