About META

We live in a fast-paced, supercharged world focused on big results, big adventures and big dreams.  The toxicity, adrenaline and stress is taking a toll on our physical bodies, but it does not stop there. Our mental, emotional and spiritual states are also impacted.


Welcome to Meta Modern Health

A reprieve in the midst of  River North, Meta is a place to sweat, to breathe, to ground and to restore.  Moving, training and exercising our physical bodies is essential to our wellbeing. But comprehensive health goes beyond that. 

How are you fueling your body? Are you getting the nutrients you need in your food source and supplements? We look at nutrition, gut health, insulin resistance and inflammation.

Are injuries, soreness, tight muscles or pain inhibiting your activity? Our bodies need a little TLC to stay functioning in optimal condition. Meta treatments restore, refresh and revitalize.

Join us for an informational workshop or stop in for a tour or complimentary group class. We are here to support you in meeting your goals and optimizing your strength and vitality.